Bolt is building the “first federated checkout network” in e-commerce

Remember 2019? We sure did have it good back then, didn’t we? That July, Ridge invested in a one-click checkout solution called Bolt, and the company’s been on an absolute tear ever since.

Following a Series C in the latter…

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Simplify your pricing journey with these guidelines.

By Yousuf Khan, Partner at Ridge Ventures

(This article was originally published in TechCrunch.)

I ‘ve met hundreds of founders over the years, and most, particularly early-stage founders, share one common go-to-market gripe: Pricing.

For enterprise software, traditional pricing methods like per-seat models…

Today, enterprise IT managers lift their ethernet cables to the sky in celebration. Lightyear, the newest addition to The Ridge Familia, raised $13.1 million in Series A funding as it continues to revolutionize how B2B companies buy and manage their telecom services.

The company, which offers a unique consumer-like approach…

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By Yousuf Khan, Partner

(This article was originally published in TechCrunch.)

Every company wants to be innovative, but innovation comes with its share of difficulties. …

The Spring ’21 Ridget Spinner is here. 10 out of 10 VCs say it’s sweeter than a chocolate bunny — and you’ll definitely want to share it with your Peeps.

Scroll down to see all the highlights from our Q1-derful start to the year, including the newest additions to the…

Fall is here, and so is our Fall Ridget Spinner.

New investments. A flurry of follow-on financings. Early-stage startup wisdom. Our latest Spinner is teeming with Autumnal awesomeness — it’s almost too gourd to be true!

Grab your apple cider and candy corn, loop-de-loop that Burberry scarf. …


By Yousuf Khan, Partner, Ridge Ventures, and Palvi Mehta, CFO and Operating Partner, Pioneer Square Labs

One of the reasons I loved being a CIO was that it gave me hands-on insight into what kind of new tech was coming down the pike. It also gave me a direct look…

It took a year and a half, but it seems the awkwardness of video conference calls has (mostly) dissipated. The majority of us know how the mute button works. Eye contact is getting there. …

You can’t stop Rafay. You can only hope to contain(er) them.

Rafay, the world’s first platform for Kubernetes operations, just scored a $25 million Series B and we’re siked to once again share in the excitement.

When we led Rafay’s Series A in 2019, the container management industry was rising…

It’s time to chlorinate the pool and fire up that George Foreman grill. Summer is back!

Our Summer Ridget Spinner packs plenty of sizzle: a huge Fund IV update, big-time awards, exciting partnerships, and much more.

Scroll down for an explosive Q2 recap worth its weight in (legal) fireworks.

It’s a Fund IV Frenzy!

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