The Spring ’21 Ridget Spinner is here. 10 out of 10 VCs say it’s sweeter than a chocolate bunny — and you’ll definitely want to share it with your Peeps.

Scroll down to see all the highlights from our Q1-derful start to the year, including the newest additions to the Ridge Familia: Rewind, Zipline, and Ketch.

The Ridge Familia Adds Three: Rewind, Zipline, Ketch

This just in: people like their privacy.

Bathrooms have stall doors. Windows have blinds. Facebook accounts are password-protected because no one needs to know you’re still playing FarmVille in 2021. The stall doors of the Internet, however — security tokens, firewalls, and the like — only hide our activity from our peers. In reality, someone is out there taking note of the argyle socks and moisturizer we buy, the pizza spots we Yelp, the TikTok compilations we watch.

Location data, location data, location data!

Data science teams need all the data on physical locations they can get to build airtight models and algorithms, but finding such data — high quality data, at that — was traditionally a Herculean feat. And then, along came SafeGraph.

SafeGraph, one of the few companies to offer its geospatial data to data scientists, rather than focusing solely on marketers, recently announced its $45 million Series B. We’re stoked to join forces with our friends at Sapphire Ventures, Peter Thiel, and others to help SafeGraph become the de facto location data platform.

Working in retail is all about thinking on your feet. Literally. The most unpredictable of variables — the customer — requires in-store executives and their employees to improvise on the fly and prepare for hindrances far worse than a cleanup on aisle seven (e.g., a worldwide pandemic).

Creating a seamless retail experience isn’t easy. Operations, team productivity, and engagement often suffer at the hands of that all-important C word: Communication.

Retail Zipline, the latest member of the Ridge Familia, is just what retailers need to get everyone on the same page — from corporate execs to the part-time college student…

Credit: Andrii Yalanskyi / Getty Images

By Yousuf Khan, Partner

(This article was originally published in TechCrunch.)

As a 20-year CIO and advisor to multiple startups, I sat on many customer advisory boards (CABs) and saw how they were formed. Some companies have highly functioning CABs, others merely serve as feedback loops. Any startup striving to connect directly with their customers would benefit from establishing one.

Here are some considerations to make certain your customer advisory board is a success.

Why CABs Matter

For those unfamiliar, a customer advisory board is a group of customers who come together to share their experiences, insights and advice with an organization. First…

By Alexander Rosen, Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Nothing, no matter how useful or inexpensive or delicious, actually sells itself. This is especially true for enterprise software. Even the best game-changing solutions need a sales superteam.

I was recently delighted to speak with Brian O’Reilly, Chief Revenue Officer at Ridge portfolio company Smartling, and he had plenty of pointers for early-stage startups looking to ramp up their sales operations. Brian knows what he’s talking about — under his watch, Smartling has seen a 2.5x …

Our first investment of the new year is here! Say hello to Rewind, which just announced its $15 million Series A and added our very own Yousuf Khan as a Board Observer.

Rewind is the leading backup-as-a-service (BaaS) solution that protects business-critical data through the miracle of time travel, restoring cloud-based data after a minor slip-up or full-blown disaster. Businesses can magically and expeditiously return to the minutes, days, months before that well-intentioned employee clicked the wrong button or that bad actor performed their best SolarWinds impersonation.

Thanks to Rewind — poof! — it never happened.

🎄 VCeason’s Greetings!

Did anyone have elbow bumps, cardboard sports fans, or socially distanced mall Santas on their 2020 bingo card? Didn’t think so.

2020 was full of surprises: “the new normal” beat out “synergy” for the business-speak championship belt, virtual meetings resembled Hollywood Squares, and the investment playbook seemed to change by the week. Through it all, our companies adapted to the altered landscape and so did we, bolstering our portfolio and investment team with fresh new talent.

We don’t know what the future holds, but we know our founders will help determine that future. Check out our end-of-year Ridge Rewind to…

What is the number one threat to the global economy over the next five to ten years? Nuclear holocaust? Murder hornets? Bieber Fever? According to CEOs, it’s cybersecurity. The logic is simple: customers aren’t happy unless they feel secure, and executives can’t make sound business decisions if they’re constantly afraid of being the next Equifax.

Both sides can relax a little, however, because Deduce is officially on the loose. Deduce, a cybersecurity upstart and the latest addition to the Ridge Familia, announced its launch and $7.3 million in funding to usher its preemptive cybersecurity solution to business leaders who…

Last week’s election made two things abundantly clear:

  1. Kanye West won’t be president until at least 2024.
  2. Expect some interesting conversations around the Zoom Thanksgiving table this year.

If the aftereffects of Vote Count Refresh Syndrome (VCRS) have you down, our Fall Ridget Spinner is the perfect picker-upper. This time around, we spotlight our new CFO, our investment in an Internet detoxifier, plus some news from Fastly, Samasource, and more.

Scroll down to see why Fall at Ridge was pumpkin spice and everything nice!

Ridge Adds New CFO, Yousuf Shares Enterprise Gems

Meet Derrick Lee: VC veteran, finance phenom, and our new CFO. The ex-Mohr Davidow money man…

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